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Speech Therapy

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Speech therapy is the science that deals with the Prevention, Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Speech, Speech and Communication Disorders.

When Does a Child Need Speech Therapy?

  • Do you hear that a particular letter or sound cannot be pronounced correctly?
  • Do you often repeat words or stutter?
  • Is it over 2.5 years old and uses few words in total (15 to 20)?
  • Do foreigners not understand what she/he is saying?
  • Do you find that your child has difficulty expressing his thoughts easily and clearly?
  • Difficult to follow your simple instructions?

When should the parent be concerned?

Many parents are overwhelmed by the physiological difficulties that children may face. Usually when there is no benchmark so they can figure out whether they are exaggerated or not. Children make “growth leaps” in many areas of their overall development, including in their speech. In just a few days they can make tremendous progress! But most importantly, every child is different and has their own growth rate. It is not wise to compare our child’s development with other peers without taking into account the diversity and the different growth rate. If parents still find it necessary, they can contact a Speech Therapist for more information and a preventative evaluation. However, it is not uncommon for children to experience difficulties in their speech, speech, or voice that impede their journey. The science of speech therapy, which now includes many elements of psychology and sociology, is there to help any child who may experience these difficulties and to help them overcome them.

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What is Speech Therapy Assessment?

The scientific answer is to the question of whether the child is having difficulty speaking and whether he or she should follow a treatment plan.

We usually follow these steps

  • Initially parents are called upon to obtain a complete history. History provides information on the child’s development, hereditary background, and medical data.
  • Then we have the evaluation process with the child.
  • This is followed by a meeting with parents who receive the speech therapy report, which describes the results of the tests, the conclusions reached, as well as a final assessment of whether the child is experiencing speech difficulties and in need of therapeutic intervention.

The Evaluation Process is a fun process for kids as the tests are presented through the game.

Which speech difficulties are treatable?


Articular Difficulties

Phonological Difficulties

Voice Disorders

Learning Disabilities

Diffuse Developmental Disorders – Autism


Other Special Difficulties in Speech and Language Development

At what age does Speech Therapy begin?

Speech Therapy is good to start in the early stages. The more valid the intervention, the more certain the results. The developmental stages of speech, which have been documented by research on a large number of children, are taken into account, thus assessing a child’s deviation from normal growth rate. Each stage of speech development is important for a child’s development and is the stepping stone to the next. The speech therapist evaluates all data and gives relevant information and recommendations to parents. Speech therapy could be started very early (2-2.5 years) for Diffuse Developmental Disorders or later (4.5-5 years) for simple Phonological and Articular Difficulties.

Is Speech Insurance Compensated by Social Security Funds (EOPYY)?

Speech Therapy is compensated by all the Insurance Funds that belong to EOPYY. The basic condition is that the child has a medical certificate from a Public Body, approved by the insurance company. With the approved medical report and the necessary documents from the Speech Therapist, the rehabilitation program is usually covered in its entirety.

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